Community and Partners

As baby boomers age and more enter late life, the number of Americans needing complex care is growing. These individuals struggle to stay independent and navigate the healthcare system with their complex medical needs. They also have many social, emotional, and financial needs; their families struggle to meet these needs while often feeling unsupported themselves.

Reaching the growing number of Americans needing supportive care.

LifeCourse addresses these challenges by offering a person-centered approach to guiding individuals and families through the often fragmented late life care experience. LifeCourse was developed based on the experience of patients, caregivers, providers, as well as the national guidelines for palliative care.

LifeCourse participants are paired with a trained community health worker, called a care guide, who:

  • is a non-clinical member of the medical care team
  • is trained to provide whole-person care using standardized questions sets and validated tools
  • communicates what matters most with the medical care team in-person & using the electronic health record
  • offers long-term person-centered support during monthly visits in the home

Throughout the program, LifeCourse participants work with a care guide to:

  • explore what matters most to them as medical and nonmedical needs grow
  • communicate with their family and the medical care team
  • connect to needed medical and community-based resources