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Late Life Series: A collaboration with LifeCourse and TPT – Twin Cities PBS. Select from a series of documentaries that explore re-imagining late life care for Minnesotans living with serious illness and their experiences with LifeCourse.

Redefining Care - Looks at patients, their families, and health care providers exploring the painful challenges and rewards.

Living With Chronic Illness - See how three Minnesota families adjust to living with chronic illness.

Beyond the Doctor - Meet Minnesotans coping with health and non-medical challenges.

Meaning & Legacy - Minnesota patients with chronic illness and their families face questions of meaning and quality of life.

Language of Health - Doctors and patients communicating across cultural and medical-language barriers - Regional Emmy Award.

Cancer In Between - See how some Minnesotans are living fulfillng lives while living with a cancer diagnosis.

Exploring Possibilities - Meet Minnesotans as they explore the options we will all face as we age.

Facing Dementia - Music, community, family and adult day services can help those with dementia live well at every stage.

Heart & Soul - Features Minnesotans learning how to live well with heart failure.

Making a Difference - Features organizations around the Twin Cities that are thinking about Late Life in different, innovating ways.